Demo Reel:


Shot Breakdown List


Keyframed animations which are all done in Maya, exported and edited in Photoshop, then rendered in After Effects.


Set up previs, cameras, motion, lighting, rendering, composite.


Keyframe Scene Time Shots
Yes Yes 0:00 Speed Vault
Yes Yes 0:05 Quadruped Walk Cycle
Yes Yes 0:06 Hunting Walk
Yes Yes 0:12 Soldier Grenade / Breathing
Yes Yes 0:19 Soldier Hunting Idle
Yes Yes 0:24 Soldier Command
Yes Yes 0:29 Soldier Crate
Yes Yes 0:33 Soldier Corner
Yes Yes 0:36 Fight
Yes Yes 0:39 FPS
Yes Yes 0:42 Amber FPS
Yes Yes 0:44 Old Man – Contact information



Speed Vault – Kyle Rig & Model provided by Dark Synergy Studios
Fight & Quadruped Walk Cycle – Nico Rig & Model provided by Chad on Creative Crash
Amber & Soldier – Textures, Rig, & Model provided by Fenrir Studios.
Old Man – Eleven Rig & Model provided by 11 Second Club

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